Arboretum Run

The Sand Road Run can be used in combination with the Old Pullman Road to make loops of 20 miles or to the next galaxy. 

The run climbs 90 feet in a third of a mile from the gym, then drops 190 feet through the arboretum down to Sand Road, which is flat.  The Sand Road arboretum gate is one mile from the gym.  The 2-mile mark is where the steep dead-end gravel road climbs north off Sand Road.  The old concrete bridge just past the start of the gravel, where many of us turn around, is 2.7 miles.  All measured by GPS and altimeter (OK, OK, so I'm an instrument freak). 

Photos in sequence, left to right, along the Sand Road Run.
    (Click on each photo to see enlarged version.)

Rayburn Hill - Go
Left for Sand Rd. Run, Right for Kurdistan Run 

Golf Course Crossing

Top of Arboretum

South on
Arboretum Trail 1

South on
Arboretum Trail 2

Arboretum Leaves

Runner nearing
Sand Rd.

West on Sand Rd.

Turn for 4 Mile Run

Bridge at 2.7 miles

Secret hidden
3 mile turn sign

Secret Poplars
near turn sign

Dreaded Arboretum Hill #1

Dreaded Arboretum Hill #2

Dreaded Arboretum Hill #3

Memorial Gym

Photos courtesy of Alan Place

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