23rd Annual WSU 100K Relay & Solo Race

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2008 Rocking Chair winners


Now a premier running event in the Pacific Northwest, the 100K relay and solo race is held in April.  Some 600 runners participate.  There are usually three starting times.  The ultras (solo runners) start early in the morning.  The slower relay teams (usually 10 per team) start later, and the fastest relay teams start last.  The staggered start reduces traffic congestion on the narrower parts of the course.  Starting in 2005, this race is organized by the Palouse Road Runners.  Race director is PRR board member John Pool.

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Note to Team Captains:

In past years, runners on legs 1 and 7 were under police control when crossing Highway 195. That will continue, although under new State of Washington Transportation Department rules, runners may have to be stopped from crossing the Highway if their crossing will impede the flow of traffic. In short, at the crossing points, motorists will have priority, not runners.

2012 Note: There *may* be a course deviation for those running Leg 10 and for those running as solos, depending on whether there is a sidewalk closure associated with the reconstruction of the Martin football stadium. A decision about the deviation won’t be made until the day before the race; more information will be available at packet pickup.

2012 Runners Manual (posted 1/23/12)
(Registration, Substitutions, Packet Pickup, The Course, Team and Ultra Rules, Awards, Safety, Transportation, Refreshments, Restrooms)
WSU 100k Runners Manual 2012 (PDF)

Click here for 2012 100k Manual - PDF
  Every team should print a copy
& review it with all team members.


Start Times (updated 4/19/12)
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Registered Solos: Start Time is 6:00am

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Leg Stats
Note: No cell phone coverage from legs 3-7!

WSU 100k Relay Race Leg Stats

Leg Length
  Leg Start Point
1 6.5 500 540   WSU Field House
2 5.6 200 250   Wawawai Rd-Flat Rd
3 7.9 240 1930   Wawawai Rd-Union Flat Rd
4 7.7 50 60   Wawawai Landing-Snake River
5 8.7 40 40   Blyton Landing-Snake River
6 6.3 1720 40   Bottom of Steptoe Canyon Rd
7 4.1 460 290   Steptoe Canyon-Schlee Rd
8 5.6 240 160   Colton School
9 5.3 110 330   Old Johnson School
10 4.1 230 150   Busby grain elevator

Photos of each leg of the 100K

Elevation Profile Map for each Relay Leg

Leg Elevation Profiles

Thank you to Alan Place for the profiles.


Race Map

WSU 100k Race Overview



Race History

   The Washington State University 100K Relay & Solo Race was started in 1990 as part of the WSU centennial celebration.  Glen Lindeman of the WSU Press was responsible for the course, which was designed to have one kilometer for each year of WSU history.  Apart from leaving and entering Pullman, the scenic course runs over 62 miles through rolling farmland, up and down canyons and along the Snake River.  The 1990 race was highly successful, and has continued every year since then. John Pool of the Palouse Road Runners is the race director.

Course Description
   The race starts at the WSU Field House in the middle of campus, runs through Pullman and then drops 1900 feet down the Wawawai grade to the Snake River in Legs 1, 2 and 3.  Legs 4 and 5 cover a flat 16 miles along the Snake River.  Leg 6 is a very steep 1700-foot climb up Steptoe Canyon, and the runners who complete this earn team bragging rights, if they are still coherent.  The climbing continues on Leg 7, but the course then becomes rolling or flat until the final climb onto campus at the end of Leg 10 where runners finish to the roar of the crowds in the WSU Fieldhouse.  This is one of the greatest running events in the spring on the Palouse and there is always room for more teams!


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Current Canyon Climate:  (Legs 4-6)

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