Free Yoga for Moscow Mountain runners and PRR members


Palouse Road Runners members and Moscow Mountain Madness participants (and Snake River Half finishers!) are invited to TWO FREE YOGA SESSIONS designed specifically for runners, sandwiching Moscow Mountain Madness. Both classes will be taught by Sheila Fitzgerald at Sanctuary Yoga, in the hot room, which will be turned down to 85F. feel free to bring your own mat, towel, and water. mats and towels are available to rent to the studio, as well as water to purchase, water from the fountain, and showers.

1 p.m.: pre-race shakeout flow (60 minutes)
this yoga session is about moving with your breath, getting loose, and enjoying the hot room. all are encouraged to listen to your own body, take directions as suggestions and let your own body be your guide. the session will have more of an emphasis on breath work, light cardio and hip openers, and LESS about strenuous holds and balance postured (unless you want to!). This session is NOT meant to tire us out before the race!

7 p.m. post-race recovery flow (60 minutes)

Hamstrings tight? Quads on fire? We’ve got you covered. This session will have all the juicy hip and heart openers your body craves after a long hard trail race! There will be an emphasis on breath work and stretching and relaxing. Think Yin and Restorative. there will be minimal light cardio to acclimate us to the hot room (85F), and lots of passive and floor stretching.