Free Yoga for Moscow Mountain runners and PRR members


Palouse Road Runners members and Moscow Mountain Madness participants (and Snake River Half finishers!) are invited to TWO FREE YOGA SESSIONS designed specifically for runners, sandwiching Moscow Mountain Madness. Both classes will be taught by Sheila Fitzgerald at Sanctuary Yoga, in the hot room, which will be turned down to 85F. feel free to bring your own mat, towel, and water. mats and towels are available to rent to the studio, as well as water to purchase, water from the fountain, and showers.

1 p.m.: pre-race shakeout flow (60 minutes)
this yoga session is about moving with your breath, getting loose, and enjoying the hot room. all are encouraged to listen to your own body, take directions as suggestions and let your own body be your guide. the session will have more of an emphasis on breath work, light cardio and hip openers, and LESS about strenuous holds and balance postured (unless you want to!). This session is NOT meant to tire us out before the race!

7 p.m. post-race recovery flow (60 minutes)

Hamstrings tight? Quads on fire? We’ve got you covered. This session will have all the juicy hip and heart openers your body craves after a long hard trail race! There will be an emphasis on breath work and stretching and relaxing. Think Yin and Restorative. there will be minimal light cardio to acclimate us to the hot room (85F), and lots of passive and floor stretching.

Snake River Canyon Half Marathon Results


Congratulations to all the runners who participated and big congrats to the following winners:

Overall Winners:

Male: Jimmy Oribo 1:19:25
Female: Sarah Hanchett 1:27:21

Masters Winners:

Male: Rob Warnock 1:21:24
Female: Heather Johnson 1:20:25

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out and our partners, Hyperspud Sports, Runner’s Soul Spokane, Tri-State, Birch and Barley, and Culligan.

Pullman Winter Ultra- Jan. 26, 2019

Are your favorite mountain trails covered in snow?

Do you need motivation to hit the pavement when the skies are gray and low?

Have you always wanted to visit Pullman, WA during the winter?

You're in luck! Pullman now has a cure for the Inland NW winter ultrarunning blues.

Check the website for course info, rules, and other important information. Pullman Winter Ultras Website

IMPORTANT: The Pullman Winter Ultra Series is a no-fee, low-key, no-support, slip-on-ice, freeze-your-toes-off, drink-a-beer-afterward-or-during, fun-run-style event.

Fall Flash Results

Our top female and male 10k finishers, Devon Bortfeld and Caleb Parker. Devon was top overall with a new female record of 36:02

Our top female and male 10k finishers, Devon Bortfeld and Caleb Parker. Devon was top overall with a new female record of 36:02

Congratulations to all the runners and big congrats to the following winners:

10k Overall Winners: Devon Bortfeld and Caleb Parker

10k Masters Winners: Stephen Krone and Monica Bando

5k Winners: Nicole and Sebastian Jones

Thanks to all the volunteer who helped out and our partners, Bearable Dentistry and Alta Running

Road Runners finish season with a flash (Daily Evergreen)



Ben Calabretta, the race director for Fall Flash of the Palouse, started this year’s race off with a bang — literally, by firing the first shot of the last race for the running season.

After three years of being in charge of the Fall Flash, he and his volunteers knew exactly what needed to be done. Read more at: https://dailyevergreen.com/39435/life/road-runners-finish-season-with-a-flash/

Moscow Mountain Madness Results and Thank Yous

Shout out to all the winners at MMM this year!

5 Mile Open Winners: Christy Hanson and Caleb Parker

5 Mile Masters Winners: Lynn Dever and Stephen Krone,

Half Marathon Open Winners: Sam Lewis (F) and Conner Johnsen

Half Marathon Masters Winners: Bonnie Benson and Michael Varnum,

50K Overall Winners: Alina Rice and Nicholas Potter.

Find the rest of the results here.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this race possible: Pete Meighan; Brian, Shirley, and Tim Cornelius; Tammy Bowen, Joel Bifford, and Cadin Baldwin; Raymond Sun, Jeffry Spellman, Wes Bascom, Jennifer Cundiff, Charley Hammerich, Courtney Cooper, John Sweeny, David Evens, Nicholas Potter, Cara Hawkins Jedlicka, Ben Calabretta, Rebecca Goodrich, Paige Horton, Moscow Cross-Country Team, and Latah County Auxiliary Communications Team (and anyone we might have missed). Without you this race wouldn't be possible. The logistics are daunting to say the least!

Special thanks to MAMBA and Bennett Lumber for building/maintaining the trails and providing public access, respectively. Huge shout out to our major sponsors, Hyperspud Sports, White Pine Outfitters l Guides, Gear Exchange & Fly Shop, and Altra Running!! Thanks for the wonderful Swag and prizes. We hope all of you that had the opportunity to run Sunday enjoyed yourself for all or at least most of the race.

Ron Horton and Liz Martin, without them this race doesn’t happen.

Please message if you have any feedback to help us improve next year. A very special thanks to co-directors

See you next year!!